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Amnesties for Water Companies

Water AmnestyWe work nationally with numerous water companies currently including Anglian Water, Severn Trent, Welsh Water, Southern Water and Medway, along with RSPB and FWAG, to run amnesties in dedicated catchment areas to give landowners an opportunity to dispose of any old and unwanted sprays in a safe, legal and ethical manner. These schemes have been highly successful and generally are always oversubscribed.

Over many years of operating such amnesties we have safely collected and disposed of tens of thousands of litres/kilos of surplus, waste and revoked chemicals. This is just a drop in the ocean and there are still thousands more out there to be dealt with.

The aim of these schemes is to stop hazardous waste being disposed of in an unsustainable manner like being poured down drains or more commonly, left abandoned in sheds and stores where they can seep into the ground contaminating land and water courses. 

The water boards are trying to do their bit, but they need help from other sectors like the chemical companies, agronomists, wildlife groups long with the Environment Agency to help dispose safely of this revoked chemical. We will never clear it all, but we can offer farmers and growers a means of disposing of the chemical safely and at a sensible cost.

All farmers love the countryside, and the last thing they want to happen is any harm to come to wildlife, waterways or their own homes. If chemical companies, wildlife associations and the Environment Agency could commit to an annual budget, then amnesties could be set up to clear areas around the country on a regular basis.

Surely it must be cheaper to prevent a disaster than to deal with one.

If you feel you can help and would like to be involved, please contact us at to discuss the best way.