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You may have seen our previous adverts under ChemClear. We have now changed our name to Chemastic Ltd. However, we do still have the same managing team.

Meet some of our team

David BrownTerry Smith Tony NewtonNikki Brown and Tina Smith

The company was established as a diversification to farming 15 years ago. 

Initially, we dealt with farm and amenity plastic waste (such as feed bags, empty spray containers and drench bottles etc).

We have a local service where we deal with other farm plastic such as silage wrap and fertiliser bags.  This is still a big part of our business, with us having many local farms on our books. Collections are based on the amount of the plastic produced per farm.

As current hill farmers in the North Yorkshire Moors, we felt the pressure of the changing legislation surrounding the storage and safe disposal of chemicals.  These chemicals are being taken off the market and licences are being revoked on an annual basis and it’s easy to get caught out.

After increasing requests from customers facing the same challenges, we started to specialise in the collection and safe disposal of chemical waste. As a company we offer a simple, no nonsense approach to safely and legally dispose of your out of date chemicals and plastics.

We have worked nationally with several water companies along with RSPB and FWAG (Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group), to run amnesties in dedicated areas to give landowners an opportunity to get rid of any old and unwanted sprays they have left over on the farm or other areas. 

During the Seven years we have operated the service we have collected and disposed of many thousands of litres/kgs of hazardous waste. This is just a drop in the ocean and there are still thousands more out there which need dealing with.   

The water boards are trying to do their bit, but they need help from other sectors like the chemical companies, agronomists, wildlife groups along with the Environment Agency to help dispose safely of this revoked chemical.  We will never clear it all, but we can give the farmers a means of disposing of the chemical safely and at a sensible cost. 

We all love the countryside and as such we have an obligation to help maintain and protect it.  No-one wants to see any harm come to the wildlife, waterways and their homes.  Surely it must be cheaper to prevent a disaster than to deal with one. Lets all be responsible and dispose of our waste products responsibly

If you feel you can help and would like to be involved, please drop us an email or better still give us a ring, and we will get together to discuss the best way forward. 

Ware always trying to make our business better by ensuring that we stay current with available products and technologies.  This is so that we can ensure we deliver a first-class service to all of our customers.  We are now officially accredited with ISO 27001, 14001, 27001 and 45001.